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Re: Installing Debian or Linux

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 05:32:12PM +1100, John Lynch wrote:
> Thanks a lot Matthew and everyone else.
> okay, here's another 2 questions.
> What is the best Linux OS to install for a newbie, and it still connects to 
> the net and has Windows XP as the default OS?
> and also, Would 1 gig be enough to practice installing Debian (or another 
> Linux OS) on?
> thanks everyone for all your help.

If you can run XP on your computer, the best distro for a newbie is
Linux-Mandrake <http://www.linux-mandrake.com>. I suggest you wait
for version 8.2 (currently at release candidate stage). Mandrake's
autodetection is the best I've seen in a mainstream distribution. If
you don't know your hardware, Debian is a royal pain to install.

Yes, Mandrake is still free to download. But their download page,
when I last checked, had a nag about contributing a little something
to the financial health of the mother company. For a fee you can join
something something like the Mandrake Users Club. Not necessary, but
made you feel just a wee bit guilty.

One problem you'll have with Mandrake, if you decide to pursue your
Linux obsession, is that its setup is mostly point-and-click driven.
This tends to hide a lot of things from the end user, okay and even
good for a newbie. But when something goes wrong, you lose the
benefit of Linux's human-readable config files (no need for anything
like regedit).

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