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Re: Windows/Linux network

> I would like to ask people what they think is the best solution for 
> networking a windows/linux network.
> Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to develop a linux only 
> network (but that that will not be accomplished anytime soon), I see 2 
> options.
> 1. Install samba client on all linux user computers and have them 
> interact with the Windows network as if a Windows OS.
> 2. Install samba server on a single linux server.  Map those Windows 
> drives that need to be shared out to Linux users to the linux server and
> then remap them to each linux user.  Actually, I don't even know if that
> is possible.
> Although the first option might be the easiest, keeping in mind that 
> eventually there would be no windows computers, it would seem more 
> sensible to maintain and support just NFS among the Linux users.

Why not do both and migrate over to NFS when you get rid of the Windows boxen?

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