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An evangelism success -- new Debian convert

I've been badgering^Wheckling^Wpleading^Wsuggesting to a friend of mine
for some time that he try Debian.  Until now, he's been a fairly rabid
RH user (which is a not entirely useless prospect -- he's a good source
of data for my work-related issues), but hard to convince on Debian.
OTOH, I know from prior conversions (Moz => Galeon) that he's an
excellent shill for the cause once he sees the light.

Peter's installation notes are also a good summary of major issues in
the current Debian install/upgrade, and would be well served to be
considered for future directions.  He is a careful observer of what's
what, and has extensive GNU/Linux experience.  I'd say he knows whereof
he speaks.

Notes are at:



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