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Re: Galeon PSM

%% Michael Montagne <montagne@boora.com> writes:

  mm> What is PSM for Galeon (mozilla?)?
  mm> When trying to reach a secure sight I'm informed that this must be
  mm> installed.  The download is a whole bunch of files tarred together.  I'm
  mm> unsure how to proceed.  Should I just copy the whole tree I downloaded
  mm> into my mozilla tree (the directories and file names seem to match so
  mm> there will be much overwriting)?  I've installed everything else with
  mm> apt-get so I'd like to stay within the system.  Can I install PSM with
  mm> apt-get?

Galeon uses Mozilla as its engine, so you want Mozilla PSM:

  # apt-get install galeon mozilla-browser mozilla-psm

Will get you a fully-functional Galeon without any extra stuff from

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