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Re: How to use SquirrelMail?

> OK, I'm getting close.
> I now have fetchmail handing mail off to smail/procmail as before, but
> added a procmail rule for a particular account to go into a maildir format
> for courier-imap, which I now have installed.
> I think the only think missing is how SquirrelMail and IMAP get configured
> with a userid/passwd to access the maildir that now has one message
> sitting in it. When I give my regular id/pwd it times out. Any hints? I'm
> RTFMing still...

The first thing to test is that you can access courier-imap directly
using another IMAP client. I.e. can you use fetchmail to retrieve from
your local courier-imap server? I use Netscape Messenger, but any mature
mail reader that supports imap could be used to test.

courier-imap recently changed from using "pam" directly to using a
daemon called "authdaemond". It listens on a local unix socket. It is
configured by /etc/courier/authdamond if you are using the debian

What version of courier-imap do you have?

-- Ian

Ian Duggan                    ian@ianduggan.net

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