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Re: How to use SquirrelMail?

> I don't understand if IMAPs role is simply to serve up the mail to the
> remote client and allow deleting, moving to other folders, etc, or if it
> will want to replace my existing steps of fetchmail/procmail.

Think of IMAP as like POP, but leaving everything on the server. IMAP is
just for serving your mail. It also has the notion of folders on the
server, rather than being managed by your local mail client. I.e.
whatever mail client I open up and point at my IMAP server, I see the
same set of folders. No need to set them up on each client again.

> Which IMAP package should I use?

I have used courier-imap for years with great success.

My setup is a little complex, but it has worked for years without many

1) Domain hosted by an ISP on a colocated server.
2) Fetchmail to bring mail down to my local machine
3) Fetchmail delivers via SMTP to Postfix running locally
4) Postix passes to Procmail for processing
5) Mail delivered to Maildir/ in my home directory.

>From this point, I can either read the Maildir/ directly with mutt,
pine, etc, or

6) courier-imap serves up Maildir/ via IMAP.

All of this was built up slowly over the years. I also have spamassasin
tied into things on my colocated server at my ISP so that my other
domains can use it, but I could run it locally as well.

Rather than install SquirrelMail or something like it, I just SSH into
my home net and use port forwarding to access IMAP. SSH is the only
thing I offer externally. It makes security easier to think about.

-- Ian

Ian Duggan                    ian@ianduggan.net

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