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Re: Best Email Web Application

Rick Macdonald, Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 02:39:02PM -0700: 
> I installed squirrelmail, but which IMAP should I use?
> Can I still keep running qpopper to provide POP3 for users on my lan (wife
> and kids)? Or does IMAP conflict somehow?

What SMTP server are you using?  If you are using qmail, then use

AFAIK, You can still use qpopper to provide pop3 - there is not
conflict.  But when you use IMAP, they key is to keep your mail on the
server and not on the client - the idea is that you can get to it from

As long as one account consistently uses one or the other (pop3 or
imap), there should not be a problem.


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