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Re: uw-imapd won't start

The problem seems to be the tcp daemon tcpd. The logs are full of the following message:

Mar 14 16:59:40 buzoe tcpd[6026]: connect from unknown
Mar 14 16:59:40 buzoe tcpd[6026]: warning: can't get client address: Socket operation on non-socket

Looks like we are missing a package.  Any ideas?


Thomas Shemanske wrote:

I have a colleague who just did a clean install of woody and once again wanted to setup his imap server. He installed uw-imapd, but the daemon won't start.

There is the appropriate entry in /etc/inetd.conf (which starts the daemon through tcpd). One can start the daemon manually with /usr/sbin/imapd, but we can't figure out why the daemon doesn't start with the rest of the services in inetd.

He can send mail to and receive mail from the site, so we are at somewhat of a loss. I suppose I could try courier-imap, but I would like to resolve this issue. Any help appreciated.



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