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Re: ssh

--- Marcelo Leal <leal@procergs.rs.gov.br> (2002-03-14 14:40):
> hi everybody,
> thanks for the response to my questions... thanks.
> i have one problem in my Debian box running unstable version... just ssh
> sessions to one machine, ask to me three passwords until ask the real
> password login... i have type 4 times my password... 
> to another machines not... and other machine ssh to that machine, works
> fine too... the problem is this two box. The another machine is one
> FreeBSD 4.5. 

Try running ssh with the "-v" switch to see what's happening with the
ssh connection.  Are your first passwords being accepted or rejected?
It could be a problem with ssh versions or any number of things... post
the results of "ssh -v" and we'll have a look.


Sean Quinlan (smq@gmx.co.uk)

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux Woody 3.0
Linux plato 2.4.16 #1 Sat Dec 8 22:01:29 GMT 2001 i686 unknown

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