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Re: inappropriate racist and other offensive material

Ben Collins wrote:

Again,  there is no excuse for racism in Debian.  Other packages have
elided the inappropriate material in the past, as they should.  An IRC
client has no business being racist.  Debian is a distribution that
specifically caters to children; note the debian-junior project.  As it
stands, your package is inappropriate to be on the box my daughter uses.

IMO, the correct decision would be for the Debian Jr. meta package to
conflict with anything that may be offensive. We have things like the
anarchy docs, bitchx, sex, etc. etc. etc.

Hopefully this was meant at least partially as a joke ? Removing anything that may be offensive from the Debian Jr meta package would make the package empty. I.e. "man ls"
LS(1)                          FSF                          LS(1)

      ls - list directory contents

      ls [OPTION]... [FILE]...

      List information about the FILEs (the current directory by
      default).  Sort entries alphabetically if none of -cftuSUX
      nor --sort.
Hey!! Someone wrote SUX in the man page to ls, surely ls must be removed.

Trying to keep debian politically correct is going to take a lot of work since what is PC is constantly changing. Once "negro" was not considered derogatory but that
soon changed. Then "black" was not considered derogatory for a while (and it
still isn't if the person using the term has this skin color), later "black" was deemed unacceptable and "african american" became PC, but after a while this also became
unacceptable etc etc..

Perhaps debian should have a PC package much like the the i18l packages and
all packages should do substitutions of person descriptions, i.e. a part of the
implementation could be:

if (get_user_nationality(getuid()) == FROM_NEW_ZEALAND) {
} else {
   s/INHABITANT_OF_NZ/fine new zealandish individual/

Enough rambling. Just to say that what one person person considers acceptable, another is sure to call offensive or racism - this problem can not be solved by censoring debian packages but only by teaching openness and teaching how to distinguish humor from
racism as already suggested by several people in this thread.


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