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A couple of general Debian questions

1) when using Dselect, I sometimes select packages, and find out that I 
don't have the space to actually install them. How can I "unselelect all"? 

2) I want to install Woody on my PC at home (I currently have Potato at 
home, Woody for PPC at work). My home computer's access to the net is at 
approx. 30Kb/sec - not a good option for doing an internet install. I 
don't see any iso's of Woody (b/c it's not released yet) out for me to 
download and burn to take home. What are my options? 

Thanks in advance.

Paul F. Pearson (ppearson@hiwaay.net)     http://home.hiwaay.net/~ppearson/
"Lord heal our land. Father heal our land. Hear our cry and turn our nation 
back to You" - Heal Our Land, _Magnify The Lord_ (Integrity Music)

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