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home gateway

i need to set up a gateway for my home computer and id like to do with debian . the machine i have is:
pII 450 8mb gfx card, 10gb disk.
i would like it set up as a firewall initially, and eventually a web server and samba etc, incluyding basic workstation stuff like x / gnome etc....
question is, i need someone to help me through the install (what options do i select) and initial firewall setup (so the computer that im on now can access the net through hte gateway machine and download tutorials etc on getting the rest of it working)...... oinly basic stuff. i have a cable connection in the pc which needs to be shared with around 6 computers. can anyone help? like, with EXACTLY what i have to do during install --> basic setup. preferably with as little command lines as possible, since i am for all purpose a relative debian noob.
i will be using the latest version

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