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slrn + leafnode = heavy load


I am running a low-spec machine comprising a Cyrix 120 processor,
120 Mb ram, ample hdd and swap space.  It is running potatoe in
console mode.

Having got the setup going with help from this group, i find that my
hdd is being continually thrashed when in slrn. This us being used
on a ppp dialup to my isp and so am set to retrieve headers only
when i first dial in, and then a later dialup should retrieve bodies
of selected messages for offline perusal.

I am subscribed to a dozen non-heavy groups (comp.databases.paradox
and uk.adverts.books are typical)

In fact, the set up is nigh unuseable as the response time is so
slow, it is a wait everytime that you want to read a new post or
change to a new group.

 Every single action is accompanied by waits of many seconds and hdd
activity.  To select a group, to enter a group, to select a post, to
open that post, is cumulatively time consuming. It takes over 30
seconds to close a post, move to the adjacent group, select and open
another post.

In answer to Glynn, I see only the groups selected when i open up
slrn.  I did not have a .slrnrc but have now copied over the one
from /slrn/examples and there is no difference. The leafnode config
is also bog-standard. I can forward these if no one has any bright
idea. I have nothing else running to consume resources.

my .jnewsrc is all but 1Mb in size, with my subscribed groups at the
top followed by 40000 groups from zippo. to a.bsu. as downloaded
from my local server.

There are times when it seems to be ok, i can arrow down half a
dozen posts but then it sticks and it is back to waiting 10 seconds
to move down one group.

Surely there must be something wrong? top shows slrn consuming 20%
of CPU and 40% of memory just to change groups.

Ian Balchin
This machine is running Debian GNU/Linux ... http://www.debian.org

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