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Re: telnetd prompt

    "Jens" == Jens Müller <jens@unfaehig.de> writes:

    Jens> "Eric C. Cooper" <ecc@cmu.edu> writes:
    >> I believe this comes from /etc/issue.net (probably set up
    >> during installation).

    Jens> debian:/etc/news# cat /etc/issue.net Debian GNU/%s 3.0 %h

    Jens> man issue.net:

    Jens> %h - show the system node name (FQDN)

    Jens> And where comes the system node name (FQDN) kundenserver.de
    Jens> from? I really have no clue where to look for it.

Try 'hostname, 'hostname --fqdn' and 'dnsdomainname -v' for some
hints. Look in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts too. I wish I had a simple
answer for you, but I'm somewhat ignorant myself.


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