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Re: Getting Handspring Pilot Setup

On 3 Mar 2002, james martinez wrote:

> Ok I am running Woody and want to get my Handspring Pilot to sync with
> my computer under Linux. This is one of the only reasons I still boot
> Windows. I am using Gnome with the Enlightenment window manager. When I
> go into the Gnome control center to setup the Pilot link it is looking
> for /dev/pilot for the port. I have looked in the /dev directory and
> that device is no where to be found. Can anyone tell me where I can get
> it. Thanks for any help.
I have never been able to get gnome-pilot to work. I have since given up
on it. But I found jpilot to work the best. The correct device to my
knowledge is /dev/ttyUSB1. For example in my system I have linked it to
/dev/visor since it is easy to remember. 
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