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Re: a way to limit the MB used for a MYSQL database?

This question comes up on the mysql list, and one suggestion is to use quotas 
(user/group) or make disk partitions of the size of your limit. The problem 
here is if the disk fills up, access to the tables will be limited or not at 
all. 'Monty' suggests a patch that can be applied to mysql to return an error 
rather then timeout if the disk is full, but I think doing this in a hosting 
arrangement would be problem-matic if your user lost all access to their data 
until you increased their quota/disk size.

I found this information from a quick search of the archives at:


A more extensive search might bring better results.


On Monday 04 March 2002 10:23, Alejandro Diego Garin wrote:
> Hello:
> I would like to limit the space used for a Mysql database,
> a kind of db hosting, each user can store 5 Mb of space for example,
> any ideas?
> thanks!

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