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xauthority issues...


Im having some problems with Xauthority under potato...

By now i have more or less grasped the concept about xauth and 
the .Xauthority file, but im not sure about what to do; my problem is 
as follows:

I cant run any installed programs if i dont log in to gnome as root, 
like for example, i have to logon as root to install mozilla, it installs 
correctly, and i can call mozilla with no problems at all ... but if i 
logout and login as user, i cannot bring up mozilla, with this error:

Xlib:connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to server

Gtk-WARNING **:cannot open display: :0

This is the same with any other program i install as root, i can run 
them as root, but i cant run anything as normal user...

How do i "give permission" to a normal user to connect to the 


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