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Re: where to find CorelDRAW for Linux -- or a suitable replacement, for migration

Paolo Falcone <fallenlordx@edsamail.com.ph> writes:

> Against conventional wisdom, I'd like to ask if anyone knows where I
> can still grab a copy of CorelDRAW for Linux.

Not a clue, but I'd recommend you consider getting VMware and the
Windows Draw.  You could also try using it under Wine, but aiui there
are still limitations in Wine making certain features unavailable (as
they were in Graphics/Linux).  If you need the full features of Draw,
that's the best way... better than trying the increasingly difficult
task of getting Draw/Linux to work well.  (For instance, I don't know
if the CVS version of corelwine is still available, and that used to
be fairly essential to getting it to work well.)

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - In a variety of flavors!
Bones: "The man's DEAD, Jim!"

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