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Re: ssh and private resources?

"Michael A. Miller" wrote:
> I'm having trouble running a commercial application.  When I ssh
> to the redhat machine that the application is installed on and
> try to run it, it crashes with display errors like "X Error of
> failed request: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource
> denied)".  The vendor tells me that "this is because ssh does not
> permit the sharing of  X resources which [their app] needs to
> do."  The solution that they suggest is to set my DISPLAY
> variable and do authentication with xhost or xauth, just like the
> good old days.  That doesn't mesh with our local security policy,
> so I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a way to get ssh to
> "permit the sharing of  X resources".  Can anyone help me get
> started on this?

As an alternative, would vnc do the job? The X server is then running on
the same machine.


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