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Re: How To: Use DE-528CT or DFE-530TX+

    "Michael" == Michael Pruitt <eet_1024@hotmail.com> writes:

    Michael>    For those who stuck because no one seems to know the
    Michael> answer on this, I was able to solve it.

    Michael>    The DFE-530TX+ is a 100/10MB/s dual speed PCI NIC that
    Michael> goes for $10-$20. It uses the RTL8139 chipset. Guess
    Michael> what, rtl8139.o will not work. Use 8139too.o instead.

Seems like too many of us have gone down this path :-(

Just to add some information: the DFE-530TX is a via-rhine, while the
DFE-530TX+ uses the RTL8139. The Rev. A, B and C versions of this card
were supported by the original rtl8139.o driver. Rev D (D1 and D2)
apparently changed something and the PCI id's reported were all
wrong. The 8139too.o driver in the 2.4.17 kernel detects the rev D
cards (I'm using it), and apparently so does a recent rtl8139.o
downloaded from Donald Becker's collection (but I have not tried


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