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Re: Debian

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 05:59:51PM -0600, Mitch Headline wrote:
| I Have One Question How do i send e-mail in debian using Mutt?

<meaningless side note>
funny how, as of the time of this writing, only one responder was
actually using mutt.  
</meaningless side note>

There are 2 main components to sending mail
    1)  a MUA (you've choosen 'mutt')
    2)  a MTA (exim is a good choice)

Sending from mutt is easy.  RTFM on mutt.org (or the manpage or where
ever) -- press 'm' to begin composing a new message.  It will prompt
you for some data, then give you an editor to write the body, then let
you review/confirm the envelope and it sends it.

Mutt sends it by piping the message to your MTA.  Your MTA is
responsible for transfering the message to the server that will handle
delivery.  (think of it like the post office)  I recommend 'exim' as
an MTA, and it is found in the 'exim' package.  Use the 'eximconfig'
program to generate a suitable config file for your setup.  Most
likely you are on a dial-up system and just want to use your ISP's
mail service just like you're doing with OE now.  If so, follow the
instructions at

If you still have trouble, come back with more details.



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