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Re: Linux server for work but don't know how?

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 07:18, Karl E. Jorgensen wrote:
> > I would appreciate some input on this but I think the project is probably
> > too big for me.  They do want mirror disks in case a hard drive crashes but
> > don't think they need to go the whole hog with raid control.  Then with
> > mirror disks do you really need a tape backup?
> Yes. You don't have enough backups until you're knee-deep in them. Or at
> least ankle-deep.
> If you were to suffer a failure on the motherboard, disk controller, 
> power supply (or any of the other single-point-of-failures), it a *good
> thing* to be able to restore everything on a different machine. (I admit: 
> in this case it might be quicker to move one side of the mirror to
> another machine).
> Besides: If one of your users accidentally deletes a file, then the
> mirroring won't help you. You'll have to restore the file from the tape
> and "educate" the user

Or a fire, or a flood, or theft of your server, or terrorists hit your
building, or.....  There are plenty of things that could get both drives

You need off-site backup; if you care enough about the data to bother
with disk mirroring, you should also care enough to take a copy off
site, somehow.  

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