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Re: SiS 6263 PCI card setup


> | I want to know if its possible to change the IRQ that the SiS card is using.
> | Currently its using IRQ 11 which conflicts with my RealTek 8029 NIC
> | (which also wants to use IRQ 11).
> |
> | Alternatively I could change the IRQ that the RealTek card uses,
> | do I specify this as a LILO parameter at bootup?
> I'm not sure how you can actually change the IRQ for PCI cards -- it's
> supposed to work automatically.  I know that for 'ne' (NE2k card on
> ISA bus) NICs you can specify the IRQ to the driver, but that is only
> to tell the driver what the card already knows.

Check your BIOS options.  Usually you can assign irq (and sometimes dma)
to certain slots.

// Emil

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