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Network install of woody or sid via potato (was Re: Enough time wasted, moving on)

said Harry Putnam (on 2002-02-28),

> A couple of posters have mentioned a network install.  Where are the
> details spelled out?  Are we talking installing from a running
> machine? Already network enabled?  My situation is that I have 2
> desktops before me.  A full well used redhat 7.1 on one machine and A
> solaris x86 on another.  The solaris (intel) has a second disk that
> had a skeleton install of Redhat on it before I began my adventures.
> I wanted to install Woody in its place.  So with a network install how
> would I proceed?  I mean in general. Not a detailed account.  I'll
> find and read any documentation I need.  Pointers would be nice though.
> I wouldn't mind the install being very basic for quite some time.
> Long as it is network ready.  Don't really care about X either.  At
> least not immediately.

The details of installing debian stable are spelled out at
http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install .

You need the rescue and drivers diskettes.  Get the 'compact' flavour of

After you install the base system and have rebooted for the first time,
hold off on the tasksel or dselect part.  Switch to another console, point
your /etc/apt/sources to woody or sid, then apt-get update&&apt-get
dist-upgrade.  Then install all the rest of the stuff you want.



	Finally, the number of Unix installations has grown to sixteen,
	with more expected.

		-Unix Manual, Third Edition, February 1973.

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