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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

Are we to understand that you bought cds of a version that is still
changeing constantly? Why? From whom? Why?


On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 09:38:20AM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Anyone who wants the official 6 CD set of woody 3.0
> Can send me an address privately.  First one I get in my inbox with
> snailmail address will get the cds mailed to them.
> I've burned up 2 full days, gotten no help whatever from the list.
> Found the install routines to be unusable.
> All I hear from Woody is `can't won't or doesn't'  And this on a
> machine that has had 2 flavors of linux, 2 of the BSDs and Solaris
> (intel) install successfully.  Hardware recognized etc.
> My nic is not found, X doesn't run, I get a message after the install
> that there were errors during install.  Please fix the errors
> mentioned above... none are mentioned.  I've tried the simplicity of
> Tasksel and the labor instensive dselect hell, 3 fullbore tries at
> installing.
> I have a non-functional system at the end of 2 days.
> When I see things so basic like the names referred to when the
> different cds are requested during package install.  The names the
> routine asks for are nowhere on my CDs.  Not that hard to see what is
> really meant but only because I'm already familiar with some of the
> lingo.
> Maybe I got hoodwinked getting them from `The sphere'
> When I see things like that gauranteed to cause confusion, I know that
> at the Debian organization someone is asleep at the switch.  And can
> rest assured that I will be in for lots of unnecessary grief caused by
> `loose' organization and homeboy packaging.
> One has to think, what else is poorly done here.
> But then again for someone who enjoys major unnecessary tinkering. 
> Relentless `fixes' and the like,  Here is a chance to get a setup that
> will keep you busy for a long time, and absolutely free.  I'll pay the
> postage too.
> Maybe I should have tried the released version, but something about
> the name `potato' puts one in mind of a large overweight weak
> vegetable lying on a couch.
> At least `woody' sounded...... well .... erect :-)
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