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Re: question about Acrobat

"Eric G. Miller" <egm2@jps.net> writes:

> It appears to support text searches in the latest version.  I'd still
> like a bookmarks tree myself (big documents are much easier to
> navigate).

Exactly. I program for PalmOS, and reading something like the PalmOS
Programmers Reference without being able to jump around to different
sections would make it impossible to use. I also like Acrobat's "back"
button, which lets you backtrack your navigation. Of course, without a
bookmark tree, the back button is a little less useful, since you don't
really have random access to the doc anyway. What I really hate about
acrobat is its propensity to consume memory. 1GB of RAM, 512 MB of swap,
and Acrobat will still find a way to use it all. Wanna free up 800MB?
Just kill Acrobat.

Fortunately for me, the palmos docs are now available in HTML, so I'm
finding that my dependence on acrobat is getting smaller.

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