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Passwordless connection to ssh-nonfree 1.2.27

I'm trying to do key authentication between the current unstable openssh
and a remote box running RedHat and the following version of

SSH Version 1.2.27, protocol version 1.5

Regular logins work. I want to login without using a password.

This is what I've done:

I've enabled ssh1 support by "dpkg-reconfigure ssh"
On my Debian machine I generated a ssh1 key without a passphrase.
I then copied the identity.pub to the RedHat machine and renamed it to

I would think by this time I should just be able to ssh there and get
logged in automatically. Doesn't work.

So I tried

ssh -1 -i ~/.ssh/identity

And it also doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Danie Roux *shuffle* Adore Unix

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