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On 24 Feb 2002, Charles Blair wrote:

>    I have version 2.2 of Debian, running on a laptop.  I recenty
> tried using dpkg to install the version of xlibs in "testing" and
> got the messages:
> > dpkg: considering removing xlib6g in favour of xlibs ...
> > dpkg: no, cannot remove xlib6g (--auto-deconfigure will help):
> > aalib1 depends on xlib6g (>= 3.3.5)
>    When I tried adding the auto-deconfigure option, I got:
> > dpkg: considering removing xlib6g in favour of xlibs ...
> > dpkg: yes, will remove xlib6g in favour of xlibs.
> > dpkg: /home/wichert/sources/dpkg-1.6.14/main/archives.c:601:
> >   check_conflict: Assertion `fixbyrm->clientdata->istobe == itb_normal'
> >   failed.
>    I am tempted to try dpkg --remove xlib6g, but would like some
> assurance that this won't damage my system.

You'll probably get 5 emails simultaneously from people saying this, but
for what it is worth, use apt-get to install. So do something like

apt-get xlibs

This will take care of dependencies. You also probably should do some
reading on the Debian packaging system.

A more sensible reply would be to ask why you want to upgrade xlibs? Be
warned that the effect on your current X installation / system is not easy
to predict, as it conflicts with a number of the base installed X packages
in woody. It is possible that this may force an upgrade in a large part of
your system, which you may not want.

                                      Sincerely, Faheem Mitha.

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