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Re: Help installing Jitterbug tracking system

<quote who="Kapil Khosla">
> but there is no /etc/httpd/auth/apache.auth in our machine ? Has
> anyone else installed this bug tracking system or know of any other
> which is easy to isntall and configure.

i have installed it once, its pretty easy.  your question is
easy too. the instructions refer to a user file, which
can be any file generated by htpasswd. it can be anywhere,
i reccomend it be outside anyplace accessable to web browsers.
If only root will be modifying this file then /etc/apache
is probably a good place to put it.  if non root users
need access, put it somewhere where they can access it.
it can be named anything too, apache.auth, or htpasswd,
or htaccess, etc etc..

then change the config to point to that.  I haven't setup
jitterbug in almost a year, but it was very painless to do
compared to the system that we are using that replaced
jitterbug for us - RT 2. which took a long time to get


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