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Help installing Jitterbug tracking system

We are trying to install Jitterbug tracking system on our system but have problems in Step 6 on the INSTALL file , It says

our system is Debian Woody 2.2.20
INSTALL file says: 
6) Set up secure access to the jitterbug binary through your web
server. I normally only setup authentication for PACKAGE.private and
leave out authentication for PACKAGE. This way you will have a public
interface called PACKAGE and a private interface called
PACKAGE.private. To do this under Apache edit the file access.conf
like this:

	<Location /cgi-bin/PACKAGE.private>
	AuthType Basic
	AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/auth/apache.auth
	<Limit GET POST>
	require user PACKAGE

but there is no /etc/httpd/auth/apache.auth in our machine ? Has anyone else installed this bug tracking system or know of any other which is easy to isntall and configure.

Thanks in advance,

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