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Re: firewall: linux vs. freebsd

* timothy bauscher (q@foce.eiomail.com) spake thusly:
> I am planning on building a firewall
> here. There is a lot of hype about
> Freebsd being great for firewalls,
> and books regarding Linux firewalls.
> I love Linux, but I believe in
> finding the best solution for a
> problem. My question is not which OS
> is better for a firewall, but which
> one you would use (or do use).

The OS you know best -- it's the one you're less likely to

If I were building a firewall, I would try Linux first 'cause
I know it best. I would not use Debian, or any general-purpose 
distro -- I'd take a look at existing firewall/router projects 
and if I didn't like any of them, I'd go for LFS. I would also 
run a few stress tests on it before going live -- I'm not 
entirely convinced in stability and performance of 2.4 kernels 
(and 2.2 doesn't have stateful packet filter, so I wouldn't use

We have an old-ish FreeBSD firewall, set up before my time. In
~2 years I worked here it's been rebooted twice -- once when we
moved it out of wiring closet, and once when I accidentally 
pressed C-A-D on the wrong keyboard (to give you an idea about
FreeBSD's stability).

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