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Re: RAID 1 setup on woody

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 04:28:46PM -0800, Richard Weil wrote:
> Thanks, this is great. A couple of follow-up
> questions:
> 1. How do I get to single user mode without rebooting?
> (I know I should already know this.)

init 1

> 2. Do I need to do anything special to copy the
> partitions from /dev/hdaX to /dev/mdY? Once I'm in
> single user mode can I just "cp -R /dev/hdaX
> /dev/mdY"?

You definitely do _not_ want to just run cp -r; that would destroy
all of your file ownership and permission settings.  cp -a is better,
since it preserves those, but I'm not sure how well it handles links
and device files.  Not well, I suspect.

> - create /mnt/newroot
> - then:
> cd /
> find . -xdev | cpio -pm /mnt/newroot

This is a much saner option.  Personally, I mount the device directly
on /mnt, then use:

find . -xdev -print0 | cpio -pvdm0 /mnt

If the other version came from the HOWTO, I suppose it should work,
but it could have problems with filenames containing spaces or
certain other odd characters (prevented by the -print0 / -0).  The -d
on cpio ensures that leading directories will be created, which is
mostly just paranoia in this case, and -v is the ever-popular verbose
flag, because I like to see what it's doing.

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