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Re: Complied into debs please (Python/Emacs packagers take note)

Adam Olsen (2002-02-23 15:11:41 +0000) :

> So on one side you have plain source, 
>  On the other side you could do it like C,

> And in the middle you have the current method, which only suffers from
> the minor issues of the .py[co] files not being known to dpkg, and
> taking slightly longer to install.  Compared to the alternatives, I
> think it beats them hands down.

And in the middlest of them all, maybe there could also be a debconf
question asking the user whether he wants the *.py files to be
byte-compiled at install time.  Global question, only asked once, or
package-specific and asked each time, that's an implementation detail.

Roland Mas

Infinity contains more things than you think.  Everything, for a start.
  -- in Witches Abroad (Terry Pratchett)

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