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RE: PPPoverEthernet vs. PPPoverATM

Note that PPPoE is anyway encapsulated in ATM so you eventually get an additional (and useless) overhead.
 Some say you never feel it, others say you do.
Anyway, to avoid unnecessary encapsulation is always an advantage. 
The hack of Alcatel SpeedTouch home to SpeedTouch Pro is worth it, seeing as you avoid such an additional encapsulation. 
BTW, a SpeedTouch home changed to a SpeedTouch pro does not offer any open port (doesn't even respond to ping) so it may be considered as quite secure (if you don't define a default internal server in the NAT parameters). http://www.sateh.com (if I remember well)

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	The adsl protocol is based on ATM anyhow. ATM cells leave the CPE (the thing which
	have the phone line in) to reach the local DSLAM which aggregare multiple client
	and then goes in a WAN which may be quite a lot of things. The question to know
	if you have to run pppoe or pppoatm is to know how you'll connect to the phone line:
	for exemple, if you have an ADSL pci card or a USB modem, then the ATM session will be
	started on the PC running this adapter, so you need to have ATM and pppoatm support
	in linux. This is doable, depending on the card you have, i configured it sucessfully
	on a debian + alcatel speedtouch USB.

	In your scheme, you'll neeed the cisco to run a pppoe client service, to start the ppp
	connection from there. Cisco support for pppoe have been introduced in 12.1 or 12.1T
	if i remember correctly and is in the stable (well stable ..) 12.2 main train. I thing
	is that i am sure the feature exist for the 827, but am definitively not sure for the 
	2500. In all cases, a simple debian box with 2 cards will give you the same features and

	hope that help,


	On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 08:56:55AM +0100, linux_abbestia@virgilio.it wrote:
	> I'm about to turn to ADSL connection to Internet and I'm taking in consideration
	> all the choises the Provider offer. I was surprised in seening they offer
	> an ADSL service not only using the PPP-over-Eth protocol, but also with
	> the PPP-over-ATM. So my question is: if I choose the second system, is debian
	> support it? what is the best configuration (I think I will use the following
	> hardware: ADSL modem + Cisco 25xx router through Ethernet cable connection)?
	> Thanx in advance!
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