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3c905c-TX-M hangs with much traffic (UPDATE)


several days ago I posted this message to the list, and it was said that
it is most probably a kernel bug.

Well, I installed windoze on that computer (win98) and used the 3com's
driver, but I have the same problem: when transferring huge amounts of
data (several hunderds of MB's from a local network, so the card has to
work full speed), the card bugs out. Well, with one difference: windoze
hangs too, in some cases.

So I think my card is buggy. Is there anything known about this problem

Thanks in advance for helping me with this slightly off-topic post.

----- previously posted ----


I have a computer (P133) with a 3c905c bootable NIC, but it stops working
when a lot of data is received (or send). I have to ifconfig the card down
and up before it works again.

It happens when I, for example, get a huge file by FTP from another
computer on the LAN or, when running diskless, a huge amount of data is
generated over NFS.

I have it running on kernels 2.2.19 and 2.4.17, diskless and with a
harddisk attached working as rootfs. All have the same symptoms.
I use the generic 3c59x driver, which works perfectly fine on my other
computers which have a 3c509b cart.

So what is the real problem here?

Thanks in advance,

  NT is the OS of the future. The main engine is the 16-bit Subsystem
  (also called MS-DOS Subsystem). Above that, there is the windoze 95/98
  16-bit Subsystem. Anyone can see that 16+16=32, so windoze NT is a
  *real* 32-bit system.

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