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Re: Laptop keyboard and switching X resolutions

Jeremy Whetzel <lists@toadmail.com> wrote:
> I searched the archives for this one, but maybe I didn't look for the
> right thing.  I'm trying to figure out how to do the "on-the-fly" X
> screen resolution changing (via Ctrl-Alt-+ or -) with a laptop
> keyboard.  I know that on a "regular" keyboard that you're supposed to
> use the grey keys, but how is one supposed to do it on a laptop?  Any
> info and pointers are appreciated...

It seems to depend upon the laptop. On my laptop (with no convenient
NumLock) I would use Ctrl-Alt-Fn-; or p (';' being '-' and 'p' being
'+'). Fn (or as I usually call it, "blue" (most of the labels for the
alternate keystrokes it causes are in blue)) is used on my laptop's
model to access NumLock, the numeric keypad, right Ctrl, right Alt,
volume, monitor settings, and a few more keyboard keys (including some
that require Shift).

It isn't too bad, I just can't do some key combinations. And some that I
can do require me to push almost every key on the left side of the
keyboard while I type in numbers one at a time with the "numeric

The only annoyance that I have found at this point is that xterm (and
rxvt, and xvt) don't accept some of the shortcuts that I can normally
use outside of X (Alt+Fn+u, sometimes also requiring Shift in that mix
also, (Alt+4 on the numeric keypad) to logout).


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