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Re: 2 questions

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 09:07:40AM +0800, a wrote:
| i have 2 debians: 2.1 and 2.2. the 1st question is about 2.1 and the 2nd is
| about 2.2.

Oh, ok.  If the slink box isn't too underpowered (ie a 386 with 5MB
RAM) then I recommend upgrading it.  I'm currently getting my 486 box
up to woody (and kernel 2.4) to serve as a router (and maybe a
secondary MX).

| ttyS3 is  the port used by modem in MS-Windows, its irq is 10.
| i type "pon" and there is no ring from the modem.
| then i type plog. it says something like "connect script fails and exit"

Look in /var/log/syslog then.  (I think that's what 'plog' does
anyways)  There should be a whole bunch of entries for each thing the
chat script did.  That should at least show you how far it got before
it failed.  To debug it, use 'minicom' to manually interact with the
modem and determine what sequence of expect-send pairs will configure
the modem (namely to turn off the speaker), dial the other side, and
initiate a PPP connection.  When you have worked it out manually (the
interactivity of the method really helps) you can record it in a "chat
script" which 'pon' will use next time you connect.  For more details
on minicom and chat scripts and the linux architecture in this area,
read the modem howto on linuxdoc.org.



Windows, hmmm, does it come with a GUI interface that works or just
pretty blue screens?

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