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Re: Spamassassin, fetchmail, exim, and system resource issues

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 02:46:24PM -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote:
| I've been running spamassassin on several boxes (home and work) over the
| past few weeks.  It rocks.  Completely replaced my own procmail spam
| detection recipies.


| The problem I'm having as a dialup user is when I pull mail
| periodically.  With several hundred emails stacked up, I can readily run
| into user process limits (256 processes per user) while handling mail.
| When pulling mail, I'll see the system spike to 350 or more processes.
| It appears that each mail delivery initiates a separate exim process
| (which I hadn't expected) and procmail process (this I had).

| I'd also think I should be able to tweak my configurations with
| fetchmail and/or exim such that fewer processes are spawned, or they are
| spread out over a longer time (with a lower peak process load).

You could setup exim to queue only, then later (at your convenience)
flush the queue.  I know exim has the
'smtp_accept_queue_per_connection' to limit how many messages are
accepted in one smtp connection.  Perhaps you can use that to limit
fetchmail, or serialize fetchmail like Alan said.  How many messages
are you receiving at one time?  With my setup, sometimes my machine is
off for an extended period of time.  After it comes back online,
eventually the school's mail server realizes it and tries to deliver
all the mail it has been queueing.  Then my system load gets rather
high as exim gets lots of messages (and sends them through
spamc/spamd) in a short period of time.  I haven't noticed it hitting
any limits, though, and have choosen to just let the CPU spike for a
while rather than limit how many messages exim allows to be delivered.



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