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How to resize mouse pointer in X ?

Hi !

Some time ago, after doing my weekly apt-get dist-upgrade, I started X
and my mouse pointer was much bigger than usual. Since then, I'm trying
to make it normal again. I already made sure my X server (>= 4.1.0) runs
with 75 dpi. I do not use GPM, the mouse is configured to use /dev/psaux

How can I select the size of my mouse pointer ?

I already looked into /usr/doc, but no file could tell me how to
configure the mouse pointer at all, Neither worked a Google search.

I'm using debian sid, the board is a Nvidia TNT2 with the Nvidia closed
source X drivers. X is working fine (no glitches, no hangups), but this
huuuge mouse pointer is really annoying. 
Btw., how does X draw the mouse pointer ? Is it a pixmap somewhere, or
is it a special font with mouse pointers as glyphs, or are the pointer
graphics somehow compiled into a driver ?

Any Ideas ?


Martin Emrich

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