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Re: Diagnosing poor performance

On 21 Feb 2002 20:42:04 +0000 Patrick Kirk <patrick@kirks.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> My laptop has a 4MB vid card, 64 MB RAM, 120MB swap and a Pii 400
> celeron processor.
> I'm running enlightenment with konqueror for file management, galeon for
> web and evolution for mail.
> Performance is appalling.  Konqueror takes 13 seconds to launch.  Galeon
> takes 10 seconds.  Evolution takes 15 seconds. Even Eterm takes over 10
> seconds. Switching between apps takes forever and involves screens
> freezing.

Since Galeon is based on GTK, Konqueror on KDE & Evo on GNOME, if 
you launch them all at once, you will be pulling 2 _huge_ libraries
in at once.

Instead of Evo, try Sylpheed.  Instead of Konq, try gmc.  This way,
you won't need KDE, and you _probably_ won't need GNOME.  (A reboot
to flush that stuff out wouldn't hurt.)

> My suspicion is that konqueror runs a ton of kde stuff, evolution
> likewise for gnome stuff and that enlightenment may use more than a
> processor cycle or ten thousand.  But I don't know really.

"top" is your _best_ friend...

> Is there a URL of useful diagnostics?  I don't want to pepper this list
> with questions unless I've at least had a chance to go through some
> performance diagnostics but I have no idea how to tell what apps or
> services are slowing the system down.  
> So - any preferred url's for semi-skilled people like me?

I don't know about URLs for performance, except google.

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