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Re: Diagnosing poor performance

* Patrick Kirk (patrick@kirks.net) spake thusly:
> Hi all,
> My laptop has a 4MB vid card, 64 MB RAM, 120MB swap and a Pii 400
> celeron processor.
> I'm running enlightenment with konqueror for file management, galeon for
> web and evolution for mail.
> Performance is appalling.  Konqueror takes 13 seconds to launch.  Galeon
> takes 10 seconds.  Evolution takes 15 seconds. Even Eterm takes over 10
> seconds. Switching between apps takes forever and involves screens
> freezing.
> My suspicion is that konqueror runs a ton of kde stuff, evolution
> likewise for gnome stuff and that enlightenment may use more than a
> processor cycle or ten thousand.  But I don't know really.

Your suspicion is correct. Buy a better laptop, or get rid of all 
the bloated apps you listed above and use mc for file management,
lynx for web and mutt for mail.

We're sysadmins. Sanity happens to other people.                  -- Chris King

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