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Ask Slashdot: How Well Does Windows Cluster? Turned around

For those of you who read Slashdot (http://slashdot.org), there was a recent 
question about Linux/MS clustering. The query was about a computational 
clustering and everyone was suggesting that Beowolf was good for that. The 
consensus seemed to be that MS Clustering was good for High Availability, not 
good for Computational Clustering (this was disputed, but I'm not going to go 
there :)

However, no one turned the question round, and asked or suggested what you can 
do for High Availability/Load Balancing Linux. Is there a package (or set of 
packages) in debian for this? What are people's experiances with this kind of 
setup. Obviously Linux is good for High Availability, but the Load Balancing is 
another matter.



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