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RE: Installation Error

>===== Original Message From jshep@eden.rutgers.edu =====
>     I am a long time ms-dos/windows user taking my
>first look at linux.  I hope to eventually get apache,
>php and mysql running on my home machine so I can work
>on creating a mysql application while I wait for my
>university to configure mysql for student use.
>     I have been planning for some time to configure a
>linux machine "on the side," but I recently had a
>windows crash and decided to try linux now rather than
>reconfigure windows yet another time.  I hope this is
>the right place to post a question like the one that
>follows.  I just subscribed to this list, and have
>limited time while at work to read through back
>messages.  If I'm in the wrong place, please let me
>      I am trying to setup debian from floppies on a
>hard-drive with nothing else present.  It's a 1.2gig
>drive.  I set up a 10meg partition for /boot, a 100meg
>swap partition, and all the rest on the third.  The
>machine is a pentium II 233 with 640meg ram.
>      When the install process is reading data from
>the third driver diskette (created from driver-3.bin),
>I get the following error message box:
>Error writing to the output file:  Success
>After selecting "Continue" the next message is:
>File Error
>There was a problem installing the Drivers from
>       I have tried several different physical
>diskettes and I get the same message each time.  The
>first message is truly perplexing since I am obviously
>nowhere near success.
>       If someone here can help me, I would be
>grateful for any suggestions.
>John Shepherd

I haven't seen anyone answer this post, so I wanted to let you know that 
someone at least saw it; I just don't know what the solution is.

What I'd try though, is to not have a /boot partition at all, and just have a 
large / (root) partition at the front of the drive, just for testing purposes 
(I wouldn't leave it like that, but this might give a clue as to what's 
causing the failure). But like I say, I really don't know . . . .


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