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Re: Large files & XFS & glibc-2.1.3

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.30.0202211348330.15435-100000@mail.novicom.com>,
Petr Linke  <petr@novicom.cz> wrote:
>I open again the problem, which was here discussed.
>Description of problem:
>System Debian 2.2, glibc 2.1.3,
>kernel 2.4.17 patched for XFS (journaling 64bit filesystem from SGI)
>On XFS I can make large files ( >2GB )

You can do that on ext2 and ext3 as well, with the 2.4 kernels.

>but I have problem with
>manipulating with these large files. I cannot delete them, nor copy, nor
>list ... - I receive message "Value too large for defined data type".
>The problem is I thing in glibc-2.1.3, which is distributed with Debian2.2.
>I recompile the glibc from sources with defined values:
>which is necessary for supporting large files, but after installing this
>new recompiled glibc I have the same problems, which I reported ...

That is because all the tools have to be recompiled as well. Your
best bet is to upgrade to 'woody' (the codename for the next
release) which is 2.4 and LFS ready.

>Has anybody any idea? Answer please cc to me.

Can't do that, reading this through a mail2news gateway.

Computers are useless, they only give answers. --Pablo Picasso

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