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Re: Fw: non-recognition of hard drive(s) upon booting. KT7A-RAID m.b., Debian 2.2r3, quantum fireball 30 Meg disks

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 11:10:03PM -0800, Robert L. Bransford wrote:
> Debian Linux 2.2r3.  Everything seems to work fine until I reach the part in
> controller.  The m.b. has 2 more controllers (IDE 3 & IDE 4) for UDMA-100:  on

You need a special boot diskette to recognize your UDMA drives.
In the install manual search for 'howto boot from floppy' and select the
image including the patch for ATA.
Note that you only need the diskette for booting, after you can use the

Let me know if you want more precise info.


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