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Howto change ownership of device under devfs

I need to change the ownership of my 2nd serial port for nut to work
properly with my ups.  I am using devfs which is enabled at boot.

I can set the ownership with a command like:
chown root.nut /dev/tts/1
That works no problem, but I need it to continue to have those
ownerships when the computer is rebooted.

Now, I have looked in /etc/devfs but there are several files here which
it seems I can edit.

For example there is a file called /etc/devfs/perms, but this seems to
register old style device names and is used by devfsd.

There is also another file called: /etc/devfs/conf.d/devfs_extra_perms
And it seems most probable since it has the following lines in it:
# serial devices (temporary - later I will make a hack to the MAKEDEV parsing)
REGISTER        ^tts/[^/]*$     PERMISSIONS     root.dialout    0660

But again I am not sure if this is where I need to change it since it
seems to be a file that is generated by a package and will thus be
overwritten later when the package is updated.

Also, I would prefer to change the devfs configuration rather than just
the devfsd one.  Since I may be able to do without devfsd if I can get
everything configured properly.

Can someone tell me the correct Debian way of changeing device
ownerships permanently.


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