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Re: Ultra 5 Keyboard Layout help

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Greg Ray wrote:

> When trying to get x to run properly I get errors envolving my mouse and
> keyboard. Im thinking its because it is just one wire going to the ultra 5
> then the mouse pluging into the keyboard is causing the problem. What is the
> keyboard layout and mouse device name and that type of info please? I am a
> linux newbe, any help is greatly apreciated.

Try this in your XF86Config. It works for me.
I removed all the comments for clarity's sake.

Section "Keyboard"
	Protocol "Standard"
	XkbModel "sun"
	XkbKeycodes "sun(type5)"

Section "Pointer"
	Protocol "sun"
	Device "/dev/sunmouse"


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