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Re: stable-->unstable (or how far to throw the disks?)

At 09:48 AM 02/20/02 -0600, Rob VanFleet wrote:
>> Both I and the release notes normally recommend upgrading dpkg and apt
>> by hand first, yes.
>Ok, I am now better informed.  It does say alot about the upgrade
>process that I have not been doing that and have gone through several
>stable->testing->unstable upgrades without incident.

Hum, I wish I had better luck.  What are you reading that has been helping?

I've installed about six times over the last week.  Starting with Potato
CDs, and for about the last three times using floppies.  Mostly I'm
repeating the installation because I ran out of salt to rub in my cuts.

I managed to get good diskettes for all except driver-4.  That took four,
no five (as I can count them on the ground outside my window) brand new
disks before I got one that would read.

My experience has been poor with the apt-get update / apt-get dist-upgrade
cycle, even with trying to update apt and dpkg first between each step.  My
best luck as been install base Potato, then use dselect to update, selecte
(accept defaults) and the Install, and repeat for testing and sid.  I've
managed to get to sid once so far.  I'm not clear why that's working better.

That dselect method of upgrading loads quite a few packages.  I was wishing
for a ligher-weight system.

I'm trying again right now, but the testing->sid is going slow due to
sudden slow connection, and, oddly enough, 404 errors on some packages.
Hum.  Maybe there was an update to sid while I was downloading.

It's not a smooth process.  For example, I'm mounting to /home /dev/hda3 an
existing partition.  Using the driver disks Potato doesn't umount my that
partition on first reboot, so I have to wait while 60GB is checked.  Not to
mention how much time it all takes.

I've been trying to understand how to use .deb files between installations,
with limited luck, and how to avoid using the four driver disks, also with
limited success.  Copying my cached .deb files back to the cache between
installations hasn't seemed to avoid downloading, but I haven't looked that

Sid finally finished.  About 2 1/2 hours from Potato boot disk to Sid.


Bill Moseley

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