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Re: OT: Web Standards

on Wed, Feb 20, 2002, ben (benfoley@rcn.com) wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 February 2002 12:38 am, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> [snipped for the sake of brevity]
> yo karsten, what about dillo? i noticed, on its home site, that you
> are one of the contributors to dillo, but i haven't seen you commend
> it in quite a while. is there a reason for that? for all of its
> no-frills nature, i find it remarkably fast on every manner of web
> search; and while development seems slow and full of contention, that,
> in itself, seems to be a product of a conscientious attempt to
> eventually provide us all with a fast, efficient, and
> standard-compliant browser.
> any comments on that?

I use a wide range of browsers, depending on the task.

For heavy-duty reading, research, and browsing, Galeon.  There's simply
no equal.

For quick-and-dirty stuff, and for hooking up to command-line tools that
invoke browsers (bugview, surfraw, mutt), w3m.  Cut through the clutter.

For snarfing content or pages, lynx and wget (I don't care for Lynx's
default color scheme or keybindings).

I use dillo periodically when I want to look at a page quickly, but with
some gaphical rendering.  It's slick on older/slower systems, though
BrowseX has more features (frames, ssl, cookies, htaccess
authentication) and is pretty light, though somewhat slower (Tcl/Tk
based).   For serious consideration, Dillo will have to provide these

I'm *mostly* on faster systems with higher-speed connections these days,
so Dillo's somewhat neglected, but as I reorganize my WindowMaker dock
and clip icons, it's Mozilla, not Dillo, that's likely to get tossed ;-)


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