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Re: OT: Web Standards

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 03:17:44PM -0800, Paul 'Baloo' Johnson wrote:
| On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, dman wrote:
| > | Other than the fact that they run Windows on thier servers?
| >
| > Really?  I thought they were one of the rare companies that provided
| > shell access.  I could be wrong, though.
| If they do, it's all cygwin.
| nmap it with -O, and it'll come back Win2000 SP1.

This is what I get :

No exact OS matches for host (If you know what OS is running on it, see http://www.insecure.org/cgi-bin/nmap-submit.cgi).
TCP/IP fingerprint:

I used 'eznet.net' as the hostname.  Of course, that Could just be a



the nice thing about windoze is - it does not just crash,
it displays a dialog box and lets you press 'ok' first.

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